Jumat, 14 Januari 2011

talk about me

Every time you run away.I’ll always gonna find you.You’re always be found.Every place you hide away.I’ll always gonna guest it.‘Cause you’re predictable.So Let it be, I stay your back and breathe.Can’t / now you see, there’s no way n hell.You can escape me.Every time you see the rain.I’m every drop that you feel.And anywhere the sun would shine.I’m every ray that you feel.Anywhere you’d be right now.I’ll always gonna find you.The city is mine.Every scent you left behind.I’ll always gonna feel them.Cause I know ‘em by heart

the Stalker

words and Lyrics by Adhitya Sofyan

About the song :

It’s great isn’t it that there are numerous social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter available in this romantic age? you can always have a look out on that special someone that doesn’t belong to you without having to leave your spot.

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